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Glencara is a family run irish jewellery store located in Galway, the home of the Claddagh ring. We have being making and selling quality claddagh and celtic jewelry

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  1. I ordered Claddagh rings from these thieves. The rings arrived in due time but were of very poor quality. Their sizing instructions were out to lunch as well. They offered to resize the rings but as they were so poorly made (as was the free necklace promo cheap costume thing they included) I chose to return them. That’s when things got ugly. They offer to refund the customer in a timely fashion. Here’s the catch, you need to return to them via expensive track-able postage or courier which will cost you likely over half the cost of the rings you are returning. They offer a US return address as well (I’m in Canada) or direct to Ireland. Yeh right! So I sent the return to the US address on a reasonable postage charge. Then they tell you they have to return your order themselves from the US address to their Irish address before they will process your return. 10 weeks they say until you get your refund.
    You see none of their addresses are real. They are just shipping offices like a mail outlet. They are absolute liars. I dealt with more honest merchants selling jewelry on the Beach in Mexico!
    Since I am still waiting on my refund I,ve done some checking. The Google reviews that link to their searches are just ads. They are fake. There is no way to leave a real review on Google. Their website’s review section is empty now. Their so-called locations all over the the planet are just shipping outlets. These Irish companies selling Irish jewelry are simply very sophisticated online scams. They’re probably not even in Ireland. They have all of the symptoms of a Nigerian letter scam. I’m not sure I will ever get a refund. It’s been three months and I’m considering contacting the RCMP Fraud section to complain.

  2. Do not use this company!!!
    Firstly they said they had shipped my item.
    2 days later they said it wasn’t in stock?
    I chose another item and they did not refund the difference (the 2nd choice was cheaper).
    No item arrived.
    It took me 3 weeks to get a response from customer services.
    They blamed Covid for post however they could not show me proof of posting.
    NONE of their numbers work, they do not have a fixed address and are not an Irish Jewellers.
    They said they sent me a replacement.
    3 weeks on and it is still not there.
    I have had no response from customer service,, I have no been refunded and I have no item. No receipt has been shown so I can only assume that the items have never been sent.
    Was looking to use this place for wedding favours, thank goodness we learnt from 1 item instead of 10!
    Terrible customer service, zero assistance and they are basically thieves. I have re ordered with Claggagh Jewellers in Galway online – a real jewellers that actually sends you the items you pay for.
    I have contacted trading standards as during these times especially every penny is counted and to not send an item and take the money is digusting!

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