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  1. I’d like to make a formal complaint against Andrew and Anthony from I tried a variety of troubleshooting methods for this printer (Epson Et-2710 Eco Tank Printer) to make it print over wifi network and via cable on my MacBook Pro (2019). I have tried making it work by looking through Epson forums to installing printer drivers to even watching YouTube videos; I must say that I am a tech savvy individual and not some sort of dinosaur who knows nothing about computers. So I’m disappointed that you’re brushing this off and telling me to contact Epson (manufacturer) as I paid money to you guys (you are making a profit at the end of the day!). I’ve waited a long time to get this issue resolved (via email – initial communication on the 16th Oct 21′ from my end, reply on the 17th from Heavins (not a working solution) – contacted back on the 17th to say the solution does not work) and then no reply from them until 3rd of November) – 17 days!!!. And before sending it back, it was never mentioned that the printer had to come with its original box and manuals – I never intended to return the product anyway if it worked on my MacBook Pro. From the customer’s perspective, the lack of communication and insufficient attention to detail on your part makes for a terrible experience. Even when sending it back for an exchange, never even gave me time of collection with DPD, I stayed half day at home and missed a few things because of it. Now telling me that the printer is being sent back, and basically telling me good luck.
    I am still upset about this and would like the problem resolved as soon as possible, but both Andrew and Anthony in simple terms give up on me when speaking over the phone. As a final-year student, 270 euros is not a small sum of money, and I must say that the customer service I am receiving from you is truly disgusting. I wish I had shopped at one of your larger competitors.

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