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ieDepot.ie. Unlike many other tool stores selling online in Ireland and the UK we carry in stock the tools what we sell with about 2% of the rarer and specialist ...

  1. I have being buying from iedepot since 2015. I initially bought a Mig rent-free gas cylinder from them which I believe I’ve had re-filled three times. On top of that, I’ve also spent an addition 200-250 euros on tools with them. I went re-order a re-fill of Mig gas last month & I was informed they no longer deliver and I would have to drive from Wicklow to Galway to collect it. I explained this wasn’t possible and they offered to have the cylinder collected through DHL and the refund me my €100 deposit for the cylinder once they took it back. After 2 weeks from when the cylinder weas collected, I had still not received my deposit back. I contacted them and spoke to Eanna who said he’d look in to it. Then Fergus contacted me and told me that as I’d let a 2.5 year period lapse between re-fills I was not entitled to have the €100 deposit back. He said this was there policy, but I pointed out this was the first I’d heard of it and it was not mentioned in the ‘How it works ‘ section on their online shop for the rent-free Mig bottles. After another conversation with Eanna, who agreed it was unreasonable to only supply the ‘terms of sale’ after the sale had gone through, I ended up on the phone again to Fergus, who spoke over me each time I tried to talk and dismissed my argument that I’d never been made aware of the 2.5 year re-fill clause. He agreed it was not clear when purchasing the bottles online, but said ‘Ah sure you did well out of us’!! I have since found a new supplier of Mig gas who is in agreement that this 2.5yr re-fill policy they have to retain your deposit is wholly unacceptable. When I tried to also log back in to my account to check my order history, I discovered my account had been disabled. I would strongly advise against using iedepot. Not only was Fergus unnecessarily rude, but they are under-handed in the info they make visible to customers regarding the terms and conditions of sale and then use it in their favour to withhold returning your ‘refundable’ deposit.

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